The place of the dispute was not partisan conferences or trials of internal party committees, but parliamentary committees and debates within and between chambers. The political drama provided the framework in which the educational role of political inquiry and reflection was better realized. (Marais 1999: 195) Although the Constitution explains how candidates for national positions are elected, it remains silent on how these candidates are appointed. Political parties have played the role of officially selecting or sponsoring candidates for positions such as the presidency and seats in the Senate and House of Representatives. After the nomination, the candidate is considered the official representative of the party for this public office and the party supports this candidacy among the voters. In the absence of national laws and minimum national guidelines, there are large differences in the appointment process. In the case of the coalition, the President of the Liberal Party, in consultation or negotiation with his counterpart in the National Party, chooses the MPs who will enter the government and in what capacity. An ambitious MP therefore has good reason to be seen by his leaders as a loyal member of the team. .