In this section of a partnership agreement, many end-user terms are usually indicated. If your business is a service provider. B, the end user you would refer to in a partnership agreement would be the person who subscribes to the service of your company. The notice period begins on the first day of the month following the date of notification. The parties may agree to a further notice period. 2.4 Channel Partner undertakes no other form than the end-user license to provide the software to end-users and commits to having its channel members do the same. 5.6 Outsourcing system obligations. OutSystems provides: (a) the channel partner to provide all necessary documents and information about the product; (b) provide assistance to end-customers; (c) providing sales and pre-sales support to channel partners; (d) respond in a timely manner to the partner`s questions; (e) allow access to the territory`s business managers and administrative information through the partners` portal; (f) do not encourage a potential end customer to buy directly from the customer by offering the product at lower prices or otherwise (for this purpose, the term “potential end customer” is defined as an opportunity developed and registered by the channel partner and accepted by OutSystems). I.

The certified distribution channel partner (`Channel Partner`) convinces an interested party to obtain a license for TEAMLEADER`s Solution through its promotional and marketing efforts. To be successful, it is advantageous for some companies to cooperate with other companies as part of a chain partnership program. Channel partners are all third-party companies or individuals that help develop the market and sell products or services from other companies. The following section presents the most common examples of chain partners. This distribution channel partnership agreement (the so-called “agreement”) aims to define the precise conditions and quality standards required by a company to be able to join and participate in the distribution team`s network of partners. Not all partners want to buy and sell your company`s product directly. Sometimes a partner works on behalf of another company who wants to buy goods from a third party. To achieve this goal, some companies will hire brokers or agents to find and partner with other companies. With the help of a channel partner, you enter into a software licensing agreement with the software provider and leave professional services (z.B.