10.8 In the event of a dispute related to this agreement, the parties will endeavour to settle them by correspondence and, for business users, by mediation, in accordance with the CeDR model mediation procedure (CEDR). Unless the parties agree otherwise within 14 days of the dispute being announced, the mediator is appointed by the CEDR. Unless specifically stated, licenses are single user licenses and users cannot use, copy or install products on multiple computers or devices or allow the use, copying or installation of products by multiple users or on multiple computers or devices. The continued use of SoundBridge`s website and/or products by a user after the publication date is the acceptance of the new terms and conditions outlined in the most recent version of the agreement. Users are encouraged to check this agreement regularly to stay informed of the changes. If a user does not want us to collect this data, the user should completely uninstall the product or products from their computer or device using the product uninstall programs and immediately request that their account and usage data be deleted by contacting support@soundbridge.io. 12.14. Full agreement. This ECJ is the comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this EEA and replaces any prior or concurrent communications, agreements or agreements (written or oral). 3.2. The end user is alone and exclusively responsible; (i) any information and/or data that the end user publishes, downloads, transmits, processes, disseminates or shares with others via the software or in relation to the software; (ii) inform authorized users of the content of the privacy policy (for example. B, including provisions for the handling of personal data; (iii) the end-user`s results using the software; (iv) losses and/or damages and costs resulting from incompatibility between software or updates between software or third-party products installed or used by the end user, as well as any other problems that may arise due to the interaction between software and third-party products or similar products; (v) damage or liability for a portion resulting from the end-user`s use of the software; and/or vi) any unauthorized use of the software.