When a spouse asks for the dissolution of the marriage, the pool of assets and marital debts is divided between the two parties and appropriate arrangements such as child custody, child care and an educational plan for the protection of all children in marriage are developed. It is a very simplistic view of a divorce, but it is supposed to explain the process in its basic form. Marriage contracts may be revoked or amended after marriage if both parties consent and submit a new document. If, for some reason, the marriage is annulled, the marriage agreement is also invalid. The agreement must be serious, so if a party has been forced or forced to sign the agreement, it can be invalid. A court may determine predictability on the basis of the above circumstances and when the agreement is signed. In addition, a matrimonial agreement cannot be applicable if the parties have agreed to amend or eliminate spousal support, and the terms of that amendment or removal will cause extreme hardship to an unknown spouse at the time of the agreement. Both parties to the agreement must be fully informed of the content of the agreement and retain their own lawyers before signing. IC 31-11-3-5 content; 1. The rights and obligations of each party on one or both of them, when and where they are acquired or located, may be concluded between the parties to a pre-marital agreement.

(2) The right to buy: (A) (B) sell; (C) use; (D) exchanges; (E) the task; (F) leasing; (G) consume; (H) charges; (I) subpoena; (J) create an interest in safety; (K) the mortgage; (L) charge; (M) get rid of waste; or (N) manage and control in another way; Property. (3) The property provision in accordance with: (A) separation from legal separation; (B) dissolution of marriage; (C) death; or (D) the appearance or absence of another event. (4) The modification or elimination of marriage expectation. (5) Establishment of: (A) a Testament; (B) a position of trust; or (C) other provision; comply with the terms of the agreement. (6) The ownership rights of death insurance and the scheduling of life insurance. (7) The choice of the right to build the agreement. (8) Any other case that is not contrary to public order or a law imposing a criminal sanction, including the rights and obligations of the personality of the parties. b) A pre-marriage agreement must not interfere with a child`s right to assistance. As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.3. A pre-marital agreement is not applicable if a party can prove it: while marital agreements can cover a large number of issues, the best way to ensure that this is valid and applicable is to consult a legal expert before being executed.