A financial tally increases the costs mentioned above. A simple agreement, where nothing is too complicated or controversial, costs about $500 to $800, because it involves a lawyer developing a financial aid approval order and the court asking for $50. Note: If you are facing abuse or domestic violence and want a divorce, speak to the police and a lawyer immediately. Remember, it`s not just divorce lawyer fees. You may also have to pay for things like: according to Nolo, the average amount paid to a full-time divorce lawyer was $11,300 in 2019, and the median was $7,000. However, legal fees varied from divorce to divorce. The amount you pay your divorce lawyer depends on a number of factors, including: one of the most common questions people have when they learn something about divorce is, “How much will their divorce cost?” If you and your spouse agree on the most important issues of divorce, you can write your agreement. Your only cost would then be the registration fee, the document service and the cost of the divorce documents themselves if you receive them online. Online businesses will be charged for preparing divorce documents, but they may also have lawyers reviewing them for you. Some courts give you a free divorce package; Some states will also be able to view them for free on their websites. Lawyers charge an average of US$1,000 for an undisputed divorce. In states with higher standards of living, such as California or New York, lawyers can charge an average of $3,500 to $5,000 to help you file an undisputed divorce.

A controversial divorce — in which important issues such as property distribution, custody, child custody, or even divorce — can cost between $2,500 on average and several thousand dollars or more. In the event of a controversial divorce, the questions can be raised before a judge. A divorce that must go to court can cost couples an average of $US 20,000, with at least $15,000 in legal fees, according to some lawyers. Out-of-court settlement of a case can cost close to $15,000. Finally, there is the cost of registration fees – the money the state has charged to file divorce papers.